The White Ribbon: A World With Shades of Gray

8 09 2010

Rating: Rated R for some disturbing content involving violence and sexuality

Runtime: 144 minutes

Spoken Language: German

Rotten Tomatoes: 7.6/10, 85%

If you’re like me, you hate inconclusive endings. That’s why when I finished watching The White Ribbon, I was sincerely disappointed…until I started thinking about it. And thinking about it some more. In fact, for a good week, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The White Ribbon tells an engaging story about mystery and crime committed in a small, pre-World War I German village. In a town where everyone is attempting to discover the truth, it appears everyone also has something to hide. Class struggle seems to mask the real problems of the community, alluding to more international issues of grievance and the deceptive nature of truth that the movie shows would break out onto the public scene during WWI.

The White Ribbon is also filmed in black and white. Generally, I do not like black and white films  unless they are made before 1970. However, the lack of color in this film reveals a subtle but striking reality. Life is not actually black and white. Though we may call it so, it is actually unlimited shades of gray. To any avid international film lover, The White Ribbon will not disappoint.

Please post what you think of this movie, or give any suggestions for future movie reviews.




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