The House of Sand: Learning to Live in the Deserts of Life

25 09 2010

Rating: Rated R for some graphic sexuality.

Runtime: 115 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes: 7.1/10, 78%

From the opening of the film with shots of a caravan of people dressed in Western clothes trudging through the desert, it’s clear that this is going to be a long and painful journey…in a good way.

The story depicts the life of a young woman whose husband has decided to buy a piece of land out in the middle of the Brazilian desert. After he dies fairly soon into the movie, the woman and her mother must learn to make due with the help of the natives.

Once the viewer realizes that the same actresses each play two separate characters (the grandmother and young mother and the older mother and her now grown daughter), the message of the movie comes alive. In fact, having the same actress play both the mother and daughter shows how the characters change throughout the film. In certain scenes, one can almost sense how the mother is looking at her daughter and seeing herself in her younger years. By the stark contrast in the characters who must live in this seemingly deserted desert, The House of Sand takes a hard look at how people learn to cope in difficult situations, coercing the viewers to do the same in their lives.

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