Young Torless

13 11 2010

In an early 20th century Austria, Torless enters an all boys boarding school and learns much more than academics. When one of his classmates steals some money, Torless watches as the boy is forced to be his classmates’ slave in order to keep from being reported. As not to give away the ending, the film reflects the attitudes of those involved and looking back on Nazi Germany and how they made slaves out of and tortured the Jewish people. Torless looks on this issue in a sort of academic facade when the real story is about himself, and consequently those who looked on Nazi Germany with distance and political or philosophical intrigue without becoming involved.

Young Torless seems unnecessarily long to make the point that Torless presents in his final summary speech at the end of the film. Then again, it often takes us as humans a great deal of time to see that which was staring us in the face all along.

Young Torless does not have a translated trailer, but the entire movie can be found in parts online. The first of 9 parts is below.




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