Che Part 2: Guerilla

27 11 2010

Rating: R

Runtime: 135 minutes

Rotten Tomatoes: 6.5/10, 78%

Che Part 2, as expected, is quite similar to the first, with the exception that it takes place in another country. But Benicio del Toro is just as convincing and even likable as the character of Che. In fact, although knowing the history of Che, I knew he had to die, I ended up wishing that somehow, this movie could change that history.

Though a flawed character, Che demonstrates true leadership and provides a much better pictures of who he was as a person and as a revolutionary than most of the tales filtered down through the generations, which are constantly distorted by those on either side of the conflict.

The only thing Che was missing was the after-story. Not knowing a great deal about either Cuba or Bolivia’s recent past, I found myself wishing the movie could have been extended to show the fruits of Che’s work, or as some would say, the vanity of it.




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