True/False Review: Secret Screening Green

5 03 2011

Each year, True/False brings in movies that have not yet had their premier. They do not announce the name of the movie until the audience is already in their seats and then the audience makes an unspoken pact not to reveal which film it was so as not to ruin its premier at future film festivals.

So, unfortunately, I cannot give any details of this film except to say that it is a must see. The film will keep you thinking for days to come. In fact, this film embodies what True/False stands for, the blurred line between reality and lies.

Here is the description  True/False gave of Secret Screening:Green. I hope you take the chance to see this amazing film…

“A tale of greed, exploitation and the media frenzy that surrounds a child prodigy – this Secret Screening is documentary storytelling at its finest. It’s a carefully constructed mystery, and a film that moves expertly from gleeful emotional highs to shocking lows. But, in the end, we’re left with a touching look at the loving relationship between a teacher and his pupil.”




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