Encounter Point

11 03 2011

Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 1 hr. 28 min.
Rotten Tomatoes: 7.2/10, 100%

This is the first movie I have seen that has for me truly humanized the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Though this film is now five years old, it is still extremely relevant as the fighting continues. Throughout the world, we generally only hear about the negative aspects of the situation. We rarely hear about the hundreds of people who are trying to reconcile the two sides through dialogue and understanding.

Encounter Point shows the stories of 28 families who have lost children in during the conflict and how they are learning to cope with their loss and forgive and make peace with those who killed their children. This film will move you to tears as you see the deep love and hate people on both sides of the issue express. Without simplifying the situation, Encounter Point gets to the heart of the matter–that there is no easy solution, that solution has to start from within the Israeli and Palestinian people, and peace will take time, a lot of it.

A breath of fresh air from many movies that seem to take sides on the issue, Encounter Point is a must see.

After you watch the film, click here to read more about one of the mothers, Robi Damelin, and how she responded to the sniper that killed her son after the sniper was arrested in the end of the film.




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