The Secret in Their Eyes

15 04 2011

Runtime: 2 hr. 9 min.
Rating: R
Rotten Tomatoes: 7.8/10, 91%

The Secret in Their Eyes, or El Secreto de Sus Ojos takes its viewers on a suspenseful and thought-provoking adventure that has twists and turn and ends like you never thought it would and yet, just like it should. From crime to mystery to love, this film seems to have it all and yet weaves it together so perfectly that they don’t seem to contrast each other in the least. 

The movie portrays a Argentinean man who works in a law office that covers criminal cases. Upon his retirement, the man thinks back on a particular case where a woman was raped and murdered. He cannot get the case out of his mind and decides to write a novel on it. As he reflects back, the story takes him and the audience back in time to see if he can finally understand exactly what happened to the murdered and the murderer.

Of course fault could be found in the movie’s sometimes seemingly too mysterious dialogue or the way the director tries to throw you off the murder path. But in the end, these are not the things you will remember. Instead, you will remember the shocking images that you almost wished you didn’t see but cannot stop thinking about. And you will remember the soft whispers, the innuendos, the movements and the gestures that will have you interpreting other people’s behaviors differently the next time you watch closely.

My only regret with this film is that I was slightly distracted from the actor’s bodily communication (a key element as the title suggests) because I had to read the subtitles. Maybe when I become fluent in Spanish, I will watch El Secreto de Sus Ojos again and truly be able to comprehend the secrets in their eyes.




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